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Hostess Gifts high end stroller brands For Baby Showers?

These wine lover must-haves are a great place to start. Maya Polton is a former marketing manager and current freelance high end stroller brands writer who covers food, home, and parenting. She’s also the mom of a 10-year-old son, 7-year-old son, and 3-year-old daughter.

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  • After the shower ends, hostesses clean up the event space and help carry gifts to the mom-to-be’s vehicle.
  • Kid-friendly food and decor make it a festive time for everyone.
  • “It’s completely up to the host whether they serve alcoholic beverages; just be sure to always have enough non-alcoholic options available for all.”
  • Your sister of your friend is definitely going to love this particular bamboo cheese board.

By sticking to the three main elements mentioned at the top of this post you should be able to keep your thank you to about four sentences. I appreciate the vote of confidence this team has given me over the course of these last few years and especially so as I move into this next chapter of my life. Thank you for being so supportive during my maternity leave and of course for the lovely gift. Another thing to consider is whether the shower is a ladies-only affair or a couple’s shower. Traditionally these are ladies-only affairs, but a new trend is to also include men. Showers are typically given four to six weeks before the baby’s due date, which is early enough to make sure that the baby doesn’t arrive before the party does.

Best Baby Shower Hostess Gifts For Multiple Hostesses

No need to stress about arranging perfect bouquets and spending a fortune on whatever flower is trending on Instagram. A few simple arrangements are all you need-and you can get them at the grocery store. A big bunch of carnations can actually look very chic. An airy bouquet of baby’s breath is striking and adorably on-theme for a baby shower. Or consider going all green with sprigs of eucalyptus leaves or other pretty greenery.

Foodie Dice® Seasonal Dinners Pouch

Also ask if she’s OK with you serving refreshments that she can’t enjoy, such as alcohol. The host typically takes the reins when it comes to planning the menu and preparing the food, whether it’s tea, hors d’oeuvres, or a light meal. Regardless of who throws your shower or whether or not you intend to give them a thank you gift, be sure to thank them in person at a minimum.

While it’s possible to have a virtual baby shower without video, we think a live stream of the party is way more fun for everyone. There are lots of options, but we recommend going with a free video service like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts. As long as you and your guests have an internet connection and a phone or computer with a webcam, then a live video is possible.

God made all above, and a sweet baby girl to love. It was very kind of you to send a gift even though you couldn’t attend my shower. It’s always a treat to see each other outside of the office. Get ideas for the invitations, food, and activities you’ll need for this cherished day.

Made from super soft organic cotton, the robe comes in two stylish prints—add a lovely monogram for a personalized touch. The rope comes in sizes extra-small through extra-large. Here are the best baby shower gifts on the market.